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Diversity: The Value in Differences

Talking about diversity for most people is like bringing up a dirty family secret at the picnic table during the family reunion. It's uncomfortable and painful. Most people would rather avoid it or tip toe around the toughest parts. Every person has an opinion about race, culture, religion, gender, and sexual orientation, yet many feel awkward expressing it because of some anticipated backlash.

Betty Parker doesn't shy away from the topics. She believes that having an open dialogue is the most important effort in building knowledge, promoting healing, and increasing respect for cultural differences. She challenges audiences to think about the way they think (metacognition) when it comes to living near, socializing with or working in an environment where everybody's not the same. In so doing, she has enlightened audiences across the country on how to start and maintain open and meaningful dialogue about the value in each of our differences. More importantly, she teaches individuals how to accept each person on their own merits and not because of faulty stereotypes. For the open-minded, this keynote address will change beliefs.

How to Handle Stress When Life Won’t Wait

Zero Visibility:The Impact of Blind Spots on Greater Self-Awareness

Like the blind spots in our side mirrors that hamper our view, we don't always fully see the impact of our actions and behavior on others.  We are "blind" to the attitudes, emotions, and thoughts that shape how others see us.  In leadership, managers don't often consider how their tone and words affect the motivation of their teams.  Coworkers don't realize how their lack of response to each other's requests slows down progress.  Customers don't recognize how their unrealistic demands set their vendors up for hardship or failure.  In this presentation, the audience will learn how vulnerability, feedback, and open communications will help them to gain greater self-awareness. The practical applications shared are life-changing, and anyone who dares to do the work recommended in this powerful message are sure to reap success beyond expectations.

Crushing Goliath: Winning Practices for Slaying GIANT People Problems

For those who struggle with managing conflict, there is hope in the story of David and Goliath. Within this tale told with humor and great insight unfolds a war plan that is concise and effective. The message provides successful approaches to address workplace conflict and personal contentions that threaten relationships. The Goliath Method breaks down the story into valuable leadership lessons that address specific, and seemingly GIGANTIC, people problems. Whether dealing with a difficult employee who crosses boundaries, a boss who is a bully, a team that is dysfunctional, or a marriage that is crumbling, The Goliath Method provides practical solutions that can help even the most unskilled person manage conflict with confidence. Moreover, the audience will be able to reflect on actions that call for personal accountability. Within this ancient story, everyone can find modern ways to slay the giants of life. And like David, they will be victorious!

Book Betty to Speak at an Event