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It is time to manage people problems better.

For leaders who struggle with managing people problems, there is hope in the ancient story of David and Goliath. Within the pages of Crushing Goliath: Winning Practices for Slaying GIANT People Problems unfolds a war plan that is practical and effective. This book provides useful applications to address workplace conflict and difficult conversations with family and friends.

Order your copy today and find success by working through exercises and case studies and taking moments for reflection. Indulge in robust small group discussions with work teams and even friends and family as you study each lesson. Get started now to identify and crush Goliath-sized people problems!

Crushing Goliath

Crushing Goliath Book

Learn how to get out of sticky people situations.

For more in-depth learning, participate in our experiential workshop. Details below.

The Crushing Goliath Workshop

The story of a small boy who takes on a giant and wins is often a source of inspiration for any life lesson. In the book Crushing Goliath, the story is told again, but it extracts lessons for work life and home life specific to managing difficult relationships. The lessons are delivered in case studies, reflection points, and tools that help the reader to apply critical thinking skills in resolving people and process problems. The central focus to the story is a proven method to address a broad array of interpersonal issues. It’s called The Goliath Method.

The Goliath Method breaks down the ancient story of David and Goliath into valuable approaches to seemingly GIANT people problems. Whether dealing with a difficult employee who crosses boundaries, a boss who is a bully, a team that is dysfunctional, or a marriage that is crumbling, The Goliath Method provides practical solutions that can help even the most unskilled person manage conflict with confidence.

The book doubles as a manual for individual or small group study. The Crushing Goliath Workshop provides greater depth of learning. Any organization that wants to hone the skills of its leaders and teams should enroll in this dynamic course. Contact us to discuss a corporate session or register for one of our upcoming public sessions.

Corporate sessions are for employees of a single organization. Sessions are conducted virtually and in person.*

Public sessions are for any individual who wants to make a personal investment in their own development. Sessions are conducted virtually.*

Held Thursdays in March, May, and September.

2-part workshop length: 90 minutes each
Conducted virtually at 2:00 pm EST and 7:00 pm EST every Thursday
September 7 & 14 and September 21 & 28
(Login information provided upon registration.)
Workbook included


The Crushing Goliath Workshop