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Straight Talk: 3 Difficult Steps To Making Change Stick

Let's face it. Change is hard. Most people commit to change but fall back into old habits quicker than a politician's promises during campaign season. In the work environment, this can slow progress toward business goals and cost the company in productivity and revenues. In our personal lives, this can mean the difference between getting a promotion and staying stuck at the bottom of the org chart. Change takes time, but it also requires commitment and action. In this presentation, Betty Parker offers straight talk about the three important but difficult steps everyone must take in order to make change happen and last. Betty delivers a powerful message that challenges the audience to think about what they should and can do to keep forging ahead despite the desire to nestle back into their comfort zones. Her "no excuses" mantra holds attendees accountable to make change happen. Audiences can expect to walk away informed and inspired. This presentation will transform lives!

Diversity: The Value in Differences

Talking about diversity for most people is like bringing up a dirty family secret at the picnic table during the family reunion. It's uncomfortable and painful. Most people would rather avoid it or tip toe around the toughest parts. Every person has an opinion about race, culture, religion, gender, and sexual orientation, yet many feel awkward expressing it because of some anticipated backlash.

Betty Parker doesn't shy away from the topics. She believes that having an open dialogue is the most important effort to building knowledge, promoting healing, and increasing respect for cultural differences. She challenges audiences to think about the way they think (metacognition) when it comes to living near, socializing with or working in an environment where everybody's not the same. In so doing, she has enlightened audiences across the country on how to start and maintain open and meaningful dialogue about the value in each of our differences. More importantly, she teaches individuals how to accept each person on their own merits and not because of faulty stereotypes. For the open-minded, this keynote address will change beliefs.

Is Your (Leadership) Style in Fashion?

What's your leadership style? More importantly, is it a style others would want to emulate? As in the fashion industry, popular styles set the trends. Admirers of those styles tend to be followers of them because they see the quality and value in having them in their lives. Leaders are like great designers. They know their styles, and they use them creatively to brand themselves as dynamic leaders. Are you a dominant leader who is driven and results-focused? Or are you an analytical leader whose strong suit is in details, information, and accuracy? In this keynote address, Betty Parker addresses four common styles among leaders, and she helps her audience to recognize their style and how it impacts others. Betty's great coaching skills help attendees to examine themselves and how they communicate with others, manage conflict, and mentor people on their teams. Want to go below the surface and help your audience of leaders better understand who they are? Let Betty deliver this awesome keynote address at your next event.


"Betty is a great presenter. She is knowledgeable and has good, structured classes with lots of fun. You will return to your company feeling recharged, energized and ready to go, go, go!"

Dr. David H. Kammerer

The Babcock Center, Columbia, SC.

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